12V battery voltage not reading

Has anyone else had this problem?.. and if so is the a fix, please? https://photos.app.goo.gl/EWqYGAQqsNDc1crk6

No I have never seen it, what does it say on the status page of the web interface ( on the OVMS wifi point)?

The 12V value is read from the ADC built into the OVMS hardware. The latest version of the OVMS code will calibrate from an ECU on the car so maybe the calibration has gone way off? A colleague of mine noticed issues with the ESD protection on OVMS so it is possible the ADC is broken.

Yes, we shall have to Access the web view does this shot help? https://photos.app.goo.gl/E9qK72XbGFtEiuhF8

I’m experiencing this as well

Before I had downloaded the edge firmware and didn’t have the MG setup as vehicle (Vehicle was --) the 12v reading was working.

I’m going to try to revert back to the ‘–’ vehicle to confirm if that’s still works with the edge firmware.

We have the same symptoms. Please post the outcome as we too are looking for a 12v battery fix

Switched vehicle to ‘Empty Vehicle’ (NONE) and the 12V voltage came back!

Is there a difference in how the modules pull the info?

FWIW when I was playing with this yesterday, I changed the vehicle back to MG and the 12v reading apparently continued to work.

Wow! Interesting. Makes the code look shonky. :thinking: