’Bongate’ (removal of the bongs)

:ear: As i’ve ordered the new MG EV (due in Mar 20) and I’ve test driven the car twice I was hoping there is going to be a hack alternative to switching off the bongs as opposed to having to remove the head-unit like one owner has to find a work around?!?

Welcome @The_key , and yes the bongs are annoying. From a discussion with James, he thought only the drivers speaker plays the bongs…so an option he was looking at was swapping the driver speaker with the driver side rear…don’t know if it worked. I’m really hoping there is a diagnostic option to change the volume or disable entirely.

I think I can shed some light on how to implement this temp work around. Having used the car debonged, it’s much better imo. This is however, only my opinion and your own may differ. It’s quite easy to do, but I’ll add, I’m a HV qualified and automotive tech so this may be a little more tricky for someone with a different skillset. Pleased to be here, looks great :+1:t2:

Any reason why you dont tell how?or i missed and you told before?or is it just one speaker trouble?if no bong mean all warning sound done now?

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Hi Mike, I’m certain there are two levels of volume for notification of bongs that can be set in the head unit but nothing to deactivate so if this is something you could look in to and factor in to the work you are doing with the help of James that would be great :slight_smile:

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Great. Could you briefly explain what the solutions was, please?

Having driven @James de-bonged car it is much nicer to drive…I hope he will share his “fix” at some point…but I understand ther are a few compromises

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Hi James, I’m confused, this topic is named “‘Bongate’ (removal of the bongs)”, you say it’s easy to do but do not share the solution so we can benefit.
Some compromises are mentioned but again no detail.
What gives?


Solution is as above and probably wise not to say too much publicly for your own safety?

It mentioned above. I’ve simply removed the drivers speaker channel and used the OSR channel to supplement this. The compromises are:

Part of the Android Auto voice is removed.

The indicator sound is lost

The sound geography is changed.

This is all very much acceptable for the peace and quite IMO :pray:t2:

I agree.
We should lobby MG UK to get this changed - “Joe mode” and a better tone

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So Comfort 2 update…I’d say Bonggate was completely fixed :grin:…it is a pleasure to drive rather than an annoyance