Breakout Leads For Gateway

The Gateway module is currently the preferred access point for hacking the MGZSEV. It has two connectors on it both of them I have preliminary identified as “TE Connectivity MULTILOCK 025” types. The left is a 40 pin and the right is a 20 pin connector.

40 way connector: * RS Stock No. 712-1384 * Mfr. Part No. 1318389-1
Unfortunately for the 40 way there is no in-line connector partner. I asked TE about this and it appears it doesn’t exist. Therefore the option I will follow is to get a PCB header and solder direct to it (not ideal really bit doesn’t seem there is a choice!
40 way PCB header: * RS Stock No. 712-1299 * Mfr. Part No. 1376113-2

Parts for the 24 pin connector are also available, but I think (and hope) the 40 pin connector will be enough. Parts are on order and I’ll be making a breakout lead demonstrator next week.

For a reverse engineered pin-out of this connector and others see:

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Hi Mike,

Once you’ve tested this solution, let me know which signals are needed, and I can make a PCB to use as a piggy back mount to the Gateway, using the connectors you suggested 40 way connector: * RS Stock No. 712-1384 and 40 way PCB header: * RS Stock No. 712-1299, together with a OBD2 port for the OVMS to plug into, something like this:$_12.JPG?set_id=880000500F
would that be of a help?

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Yes that is a really interesting idea. The gateway was in a tight spot but we should be able to fit something there. Here are comparison photos of the MG and the connector I have just got…they appear correct
Google Photos
Google Photos

They look similar, being a standard connector it should fit.

This all sounds good, but I’m no electrician…