Breakout Leads For Gateway

The Gateway module is currently the preferred access point for hacking the MGZSEV. It has two connectors on it both of them I have preliminary identified as “TE Connectivity MULTILOCK 025” types. The left is a 40 pin and the right is a 20 pin connector.

40 way connector: * RS Stock No. 712-1384 * Mfr. Part No. 1318389-1
Unfortunately for the 40 way there is no in-line connector partner. I asked TE about this and it appears it doesn’t exist. Therefore the option I will follow is to get a PCB header and solder direct to it (not ideal really bit doesn’t seem there is a choice!
40 way PCB header: * RS Stock No. 712-1299 * Mfr. Part No. 1376113-2

Parts for the 24 pin connector are also available, but I think (and hope) the 40 pin connector will be enough. Parts are on order and I’ll be making a breakout lead demonstrator next week.

For a reverse engineered pin-out of this connector and others see:

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Hi Mike,

Once you’ve tested this solution, let me know which signals are needed, and I can make a PCB to use as a piggy back mount to the Gateway, using the connectors you suggested 40 way connector: * RS Stock No. 712-1384 and 40 way PCB header: * RS Stock No. 712-1299, together with a OBD2 port for the OVMS to plug into, something like this:$_12.JPG?set_id=880000500F
would that be of a help?

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Yes that is a really interesting idea. The gateway was in a tight spot but we should be able to fit something there. Here are comparison photos of the MG and the connector I have just got…they appear correct
Google Photos
Google Photos

They look similar, being a standard connector it should fit.

This all sounds good, but I’m no electrician…

OK I can now confirm the details of the connector and pinout for the breakout leads, the information has all been uploaded to the access notes document. I am interfacing with the 40 pin connector on the Gateway Module, this appears to give access to the following:

  • EV CAN
  • The other side of the OBD CAN (suspected)
  • 2 other unidentified CAN
  • a single LIN

All information is contained in this Google document
NOTE: Any work you do on your own car is entirely at your own risk


A thai guy has done a nice hack:

I’m not speaking thai but looks like he also did not go through the OBD port (timerange : 5:28 - 5:32)

Instead of ordering the connectors and headers and wiring up individually, it seems that the friendly people at Ali have already wired a cable for us ready to go:

Those appear to the the same connectors, and is already (almost) fully wired.
Seems that we only have to run 4 wires from this cable to a female obd connector and we would be set.

Can somone verify that? (i ordered one, but it will take some time to arrive…)

Just to keep you all updated, the breakout lead is working perfectly…but may not be what most people are looking for.

For most people, it appears the OBD port will give all the data you need. A breakout lead should only be needed of you really want to get into the details of the inner communication of the car.

There may also be differences with foreign market (non UK) vehicles…it is not clear yet where the GWM is placed on the LHD varients.