Cabin pre-heat / cool - OVMS

Control cabin pre-heat / cool via OVMS app’ with “Dog Mode”
MG ZS EV build As per

How is this progressing?

Welcome @alanr to the MyMGZSEV forum. There are only a few cars out there currently, and only one (@James’s) that has any sort of data logging interface. Practically to get started on this we will either need a log from a car with pre-heat running (Hence the topic Log needed of Remote Telematics), or get some help from MG/SAIC themselves…so currently it is blocked :frowning_face:

Mike been given a date and wondered if when it arrives do you need another car for data info and what would I need to help you to get that

Fyi, Bjorn Nyland just received. Thai ZS EV. Maybe a comment on the video or a DM may be good?

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Yeh the voice activated items wow didn’t know we had they (ok there must be something missing from the uk model)
Pick my car up on the 20th so an early present to ourselves low nice to see (and hope it works) the timer issue has been sorted

I won’t be getting my ZS EV until March next year (as far as I know) but I will be happy to fit a data logger if it helps. I am in Cambridge.

Hi, my OVMS unit has arrived today, and my car is arriving tomorrow, so I can help with data gathering if needed. I’m a computer consultant and have software development and electronics background, so I’m happy to run beta, debug modes etc.
Just very keen to see OVMS working on the ZS EV :slight_smile:

Hi @DougHadfield it is good to hear from you…i think you sent me an email too but I’ll just reply here. I am also excited to see what OVMS can offer to the MG users. From what I can tell we will need a special lead made up on the gateway connector. Just today I have been trying out a new oscilloscope and I should have my car soon…i am hoping to have the hardware/breakout leads confirmed soon (Once I complete the house move and get the car). After this is becomes a game of hacking and decoding.

Great, thanks a lot for your time and focus on this. I was thinking of how to make up a cable to tap into the gateway connector - maybe just tap into the actual conductors with vampire connectors, with the 9-way D-Type on the other end…

Hi again, I now have the car (MG ZS EV Exclusive) as well as my OVMS unit, and so I can start to test stuff if you need me to. Let me know what I can do to help.

Hi All,
I have received my car, but I haven’t got an OVMS, but I would like to help as well.
So if there is anything I can do, just let me know.

Good to hear you’re getting a ZS too, Mike!

My car arrives tomorrow. I have a basic bluetooth OBD2 adaptor which works with Torque and worked with my previous car, a Nissan, so it would be possible for me to capture logs if requested.

Hi all! Have there been any progress? It would be awesome to pre-heat the car.

Hi @splush and welcome to the group. Yes there has been progress since the first post but unfortunately MG/SAIC have put in some form of authentication, see this: Security on Remote Features
Getting past these challenges might take a while :neutral_face: