Comma Ai support

Hi everyone. I was just wondering if anyone had considered working out support for (Or one of its forks)
Comma AI is basically an open source Tesla autopilot system. Obviously not as good as autopilot as it’s lacking certain sensors/cameras. But miles better than what we have currently.

I imagine it would resolve the issue most people have about start stop traffic which is it stops on the ABS constantly (and is DEFINITELY NOT relaxing). The forks are also being updated to pull in speed limit detection and traffic light detection.

I’m not clued up on canbus systems etc and am hesitant to pay the £1000 to get a dev kit as I have no Dec knowledge and may find out the MG is not compatible. However I do see the cheaper Chinese cars as possibly being a game changer for that open source tech.

I didn’t know where best to post this topic, but figured it would probably be more of a discussion I thought I would put it in the “How do I” section, feel free to move it :grin:

I like the work, and got an early Panda device to play with on the LEAF.

Unfortunately I think it would be a lot of work to override the SAIC (Bosch supplied?) ADAS system. I am also not sure what we would gain right now. The Comma system is probably better but it seems to take away a lot of things that gave the MG a 5* NCAP, such as AEB.

I am up for supportiing anyone who wants to try it, and can help with the pin identification on the FVCM if they need it.

Ah I thought comma worked by supporting the existing systems rather than overriding.
If that’s the case then I imagine the idea is fairly dead in the water.

I was hoping it would bring coasting/regen breaking to ACC and as I said, dignified stop and go.
We may find we gain a little extra range over long motorway trips given it won’t be dabbing the friction brakes. But realistically I doubt there would be much gain.

However as you say it’s probably not worth a ground up rewrite as I find the LKAS pretty good. And I didn’t know it breaks AEB!