Current Status and Beta Builds of OVMS Firmware

Hello everyone, I thought it might be useful to pin a post on what is happening on OVMS development this week, and what new features we have managed to squeeze out of it.

If you want to join us and get notifications about the latest builds post a message in the #ovms channel on our slack group

The summary in the OVMS documentation is here

Please Enable logging to an SD card and configure verbose logging of the v-mgev component so you sen send logs of any issues and can catch any issues (advise also reducing log file size to 128 kB):

You can very easily flash this directly on the OVMS unit with the flash from web, just remember to disable auto update whilst you are there (or it may revert to core OVMS versions). You can flash it as follows:

Github Link:

My Latest Testing Builds can be found here:

Build Edge 14 Jan _ 2
Date 14 Jan 2021
OVMS Build Firmware: 3.2.015-455-gb6f21b2d-dirty/ota_1/main (build idf v3.3.4-845-gd59ed8bba Jan 13 2021 16:52:25)
Release Notes Minor fixes and improvements on last years builds
Fixes Should have prevented excessive “idling” notifications, also fixed getting stuck in charging mode when exiting zombie override
New Features Added “ideal range” based on SoC as a proportion of the 163 mi WLTP range
Working Functions All data collection with car when running and charging
Collection of data if car is woken by the charger (Zombie Mode Override)
Increased sampling rate (1 per second) of vehicle speed (for HUD)
Complete shutdown of CAN queries when the car is asleep (12V < 12.9V) - (increased from 12.8)
Automatic calibration of the 12V from the VCU ECU on the car
Known Issues If Zombie mode override is active, the car will not unlock the charge cable. To fix this dusrupt the charge and wait 50s for OVMS to go back to sleep and the cable should release (or unplug OVMS)
Zombie mode override resets the “Accumulated Total Trip” on the Cluster
Zombie mode override sets the gearshift LEDs switch on
OVMS will not wake up until the 12V is > 12.8V, either start the car or start a charge to wake up OVMS
No Lock/Unlock state logging - Sets off the Alarm if you query the BCM when locked
Functions Not (yet) Working No Remote Preconditioning - Need to understand security/challenge function
No Remote/Lock Unlock

Steady progress this week on working out how to wake the car through the GWM. We have found a way to hide the motor fault display, but this causes trip info to be reset.

Added the ability to put Max/Min cell voltages and temperatures from each of the modules of the battery pack (there are 9 “CMU” modules in the ZS EV pack).

Debug work on ironing out minor niggles with data pulling, reading vehicle states and avoiding setting off the alarm (the BCM is a sensitive sod).

Still no remote AC/Heating, we could really do with an OBD and/or CAN log from an Asian spec car to get this. Can anyone help?

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Lets try to ask Bjorn Nyland, he has a ZS EV in Thailand.
Hopefully he wants to help us :slight_smile:

Do we still need this? There are a few new members on the Facebook group from Thailand. Should someone reach out to them and see if anyone can help?

Sorry for the belated weekly update. Not much progress this week, @chris car has been in for battery investigation and we have all been busy. Currently the OVMS firmware for the MG is causing some quirks around spurious car wake up and the session override can lock in the charge lead. Still looking to find a better way to wake up the car.

@Fremske and @taylormadearmy yes we definitely would find log files from a Thai/Indian spec car greatly useful. If anyone can get in touch with someone who could help I would be more than happy to guide them through log collection and I am sure we could organise a whip-round to get them some hardware.

OK - have joined a couple of Thai ZS EV groups - will see if can find someone to help! First attempt is here:

I am not getting any updates once my car is plugged in and my Ohme cable has stopped the charge so I am unable to check the car in the morning to see if the battery is full.
It used to work and I was getting notifications when it stopped charging and when it started, but not any more.

I now have the latest BMS update where the car will charge without it being locked & HV fuse update.

@Mike I’ve the same and thought it was me… I don’t have the BMS update only the PEB.

I’m not sure what happened but the charging notification I only got the very first time…

I use the SmartEVSE as charger. At the moment I don’t get any updates except the 12V.

I just updated to the latest build: firmware: 3.2.015-146-g48b9b43c/ota_0/main (build idf v3.3.2-881-g22d636b7b Oct 20 2020 19:51:46)

I do see frequent events now:
ovms/event vehicle.asleep
ovms/event vehicle.awake
ovms/event vehicle.asleep
ovms/event vehicle.awake
ovms/event vehicle.asleep

Maybe we should disconnected 12V so all systems are being reset.

Yes this awake/asleep behaviour is part of the issue we are facing. There is a partial fix implemented in the latest test builds but this is not quite picking up delayed charge. Once we get that working I want to push out that version as the best we can do with the current knowledge.

Then the game is afoot to get more knowledge, particularly around how to do pre-condition and charge start/stop. We really need a Thai/Indian friend to help us

@Mike disconnecting the 12V battery made it work again…

I only see a difference in SOC. After charging the GOM display was giving 65% but through OVMS I get 67%… Where is the 2% difference coming from?

Also I have a problem with charging or charger. It is limited to 16A but I can push to 32A but car won’t ask for it.

I was watching the metrics and saw:
v.c.climit 17.75A
v.c.current 15.8A

Where is the climit coming from??? Quite close the current charge current… strange…

@mikeRES I tried to open the trunk to get the current SOC in the GOM display but it was dead during charging. Only when it started charging it was active once. Bug?

If I don’t kill app ( force to close ) 12 v battery discharging

Is anyone else have that issue ? Or have some advice ?

Battery still going down

The 12 V will drop as soon as the car stops charging it, it is fairly typical to drop to around 12.2-12.5V within an hour or so, the concern is if it drops further reasonably quickly afterwards. As an example this is what happened to me overnight with the extra battery drain from OVMS (which was caused by both OVMS and my separate logger interfering with each other).

A normal drain on my 12V looks like this, bear in mind my 12V was damaged so will have lost some capacity:

Over a longer period it looks like:

And for a Nissan LEAF with a 5 year old 12V:

You can tell if OVMS is causing excessive drain if (when the 12V is no longer charging) the park brake light remains on, this means the ECUs in the car is awake. I would also only get really concerned if the 12V is below 11.0V. If this happens its a good idea to set OVMS to an “empty vehicle” option and let the car sit running or charge it up for a few hours.

on Monday I will charge a battery and leave disconnected ovms and then will see

Hi everyone, sorry for the delay in updates.

Thanks to the work of @Maiklasss we have identified that OVMS is causing a battery drain issue again. Much less that the issue I first saw but still significant, probably draining to dangerous levels in 2-3 days of being left. I think this is because OVMS is waking the gateway module repeatedly. For now switch to “Empty Vehicle” if you plan to leave the car for an extended period.

We also fixed the calculation for battery cell voltages, and it now aligns perfectly with the pack voltage display. Thank you goes to Capt.DIY who gave us the right formula.

Finally I am very hopeful Capt.DiY can get us some CAN log files from the Telematics unit this week. He has confirmed my suspicion that the Telematics unit is fitted alongside the OBD port, which means in theory we should be able to copy it’s functions easily :crossed_fingers:.

How do I switch to " Empty Vehicle” can I do that in the App.

I just started with OVMS and cannot find it in the doc.

Hope you can help me

Hi and welcome to the group.

The OVMS vehicle options appear to only be available on the web interface (either by your WiFi network or the OVMS access point). There doesn’t seem to be an option on the android app.

thank you @mikeRES I have now found it in the web interface.
below , Config , autostart , Vehicle Type and there I can choose Empty Vehicle.

E (24778159) can: can1: intr=401936 rxpkt=124831 txpkt=126149 errflags=0x8040d9 rxerr=0 txerr=130 rxovr=0 txovr=0 txdelay=14295 wdgreset=0 errreset=0
I (24779739) webserver: HTTP GET /shell
E (24783159) can: can1: intr=402282 rxpkt=124831 txpkt=126152 errflags=0x204c00 rxerr=0 txerr=127 rxovr=0 txovr=0 txdelay=14295 wdgreset=0 errreset=0
I (24783159) ovms-server-v3: Tx event vehicle.charge.12v.stop
I (24784159) powermgmt: No longer charging 12V battery..
E (24786159) can: can1: intr=402284 rxpkt=124831 txpkt=126152 errflags=0x204000 rxerr=0 txerr=135 rxovr=0 txovr=0 txdelay=14295 wdgreset=0 errreset=0
E (24786159) can: can1: intr=402289 rxpkt=124831 txpkt=126152 errflags=0x8040d9 rxerr=0 txerr=135 rxovr=0 txovr=0 txdelay=14295 wdgreset=0 errreset=0
I (24792159) ovms-server-v3: Tx event clock.2149
E (24793159) can: can1: intr=402623 rxpkt=124831 txpkt=126155 errflags=0x8040d9 rxerr=0 txerr=132 rxovr=0 txovr=0 txdelay=14295 wdgreset=0 errreset=0
I (24793159) ovms-server-v3: Tx event vehicle.charge.12v.start
I (24794159) powermgmt: Charging 12V battery..
I (24795159) ovms-server-v3: Tx event vehicle.charge.12v.stop
I (24796159) powermgmt: No longer charging 12V battery..

With latest test firmware getting lot’s of start/stopping 12V battery suddenly after charging is stopped and cable still plugged in?

ovms/event vehicle.charge.12v.stop
ovms/event vehicle.charge.12v.start
ovms/event vehicle.charge.12v.stop
ovms/event vehicle.charge.12v.start
ovms/event vehicle.charge.12v.stop
ovms/event vehicle.charge.12v.start
ovms/event vehicle.charge.12v.stop