Diagnostic Interface via OBD

I have been in discussion with a fellow hacker via email and wanted to post some of the findings here to see if anyone else has had any experience (or luck) with using diagnostic tools on the OBD connector to interface with the car.

(If any interface gets full support for the ZS EV then it may mean that a Leaf Spy Pro type app will be possible with a cheap dongle)

List of interfaces tried by users (no functionality guaranteed, these are just reports from other users like you):

EasyDiag or X431 PRO - Interfaces with the vehicle using the MG ZS (petrol) config, some control of body systems (power windows)
User: ? , Hardware: ? , Software Version: ?

MG Official Diagnostic Tool - This is the dealer diagnostic tool, if anyone can share details of what the tool(s) is/are I would be very interested.