Fundraising Progress

I have setup a gofundme so that we can support a bounty for the data we need from a car with the Telematics (app fitted) as well as supporting further development work.

Please contribute and share as much as you can. £1 here and there will make a big difference to our work.

Alternative PayPal Pool

Hi Mike.

I do want to donate, only through Paypal.
if you have paypal, please have your paypal address.

Good idea, here is a PayPal pool and I will join the two together :smiley:

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Have you approached James C to see if the MG EV OC would fund any? There is a fair pot held in account from octopus agile switches. This would (in my view) be the sort of thing the club should be happy to support.


The group could receive £50 referral per switch from Octopus Energy if a code is setup. Daniel Vocke of Ohme is also up for integrating their smart charge connectors with OVMS, and the Ohme is available there for £199 so a relevant relationship.


Maybe Ohme would donate a few hundred towards this endeavour, or buy some OVMS units to loan or give to developers

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Some excellent ideas here. I will have a talk with James and see what is needed to setup a referral pool.

I have not really managed to get anywhere with Ohme, but that is probably my fault as I have been a bit distracted elsewhere. Can someone help us to get closer to them? I would really like to get their app pulling SoC from OVMS, a donation would be cool too but I think baby steps first :grinning:

We are doing a fantastic job on the fundraising. This incentive seems to be working and I have a contact who is providing us with some data. Not quite what we need yet, but I think they will be able to get it very soon.

Thank you everyone again, I think we are really close, fingers crossed for an early Xmas present :crossed_fingers:


looking good Mike well done

How’s the campaign going? do you think you’ll raise enough to make this happen?

The funding has gone really well, I am pleased to say it seems to have helped get some information. I am trying to work out what it means, in particular how my car responds compared to what the log file from the Thai car shows. The data appears good, but our cars may act a bit differently. I have asked for more data and hopefully I can send him the first award payment this or next week.

In terms of fundraising we have hit £515 across the pools which is really fantastic. Thank you all for supporting this.

In terms of functions, nothing working just yet. Learning a lot about the car though which I hope to share once I have made sense of it.

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@mikeRES the 30th o Dec i’m going to the dealer because of low 12V battery warnings.

Is there a possibility to log all the things the dealer is doing? I’ve connected a hidden Y splitter cable with OVMS in the car :wink: Do you need any information from the diagnostic tool which I can ask?

I would advise you unplug anything on the OBD, the dealer would probably spot any difference in the OBD port and many questions would be asked :smile: