How to charge to 80% properly

Hello I am new on this forum and have an MG ZS EV since 8 weeks.
I am not driving so much kilometers, there are even days that the car is not used at all.
In the beginning I always I always charged to 100% with an 16 amp granny, but when there is no usage of the car that same day, I think this is not so good for the battery.
Would it no be better in my situation to charge to 80%?
I could do this by using a time switch between the granny and outlet, but his is giving an abrupt stop of charging.
Or (maybe better?) charging on lower ampere, make some calculation and the next day stop charging by unlock the doors of the MG.
I think both options will work but what about equalization? This proces starts only after loaded for 100%. So when charge to 80% there will no be equalization. The same you have when charge many times to a DC fastcharger
I noticed that there is an equalization after every 4 or 5 charges.
Even read that MG is giving a prompt in the message centre when equalization is needed and is giving advice to slow charge one time.
My question:
Would it be enough if I charge 4 times to 80% and one time to 100% with equalization?
Would it really be better for the total battery life (degradation) or am I too much carefull?
Which should be the best: time switch or just manual as I discribed?
Maybe in the future there will come a software option to charge to 80%??
My post is based on this screenshot from a Thai youtube chanel.
Normal end of charging is about 80%

You probably have the answer to your question you posted a couple of months since, but 80% is a good SOC to regularly charge to on a daily basis. 100% SOC before a road trip will give you more useful range. Optimally when charging on road trip at Rapid charger is to drive until you get down to 10% 9this will be after the Low High Voltage Battery Warning) and rapid charge to 50%-60% because rate of charge is throttled back at higher SOC. Better journey time if you stop and Rapid Charge more frequently at lower SOC. Regarding the Equalisation charge, it really isn’t needed more than once a month and then best done overnight the evening before you are going to drive the car using 10% to 20% of the range so that the car isn’t left standing with full 100% SOC for too long.