HUD (Heads Up Display) For OVMS

My Latest video is now live:

You will see I now have a Heads Up Display (HUD) fitted to my car, so this is how i did it.

OVMS has a built in OBD spoofing protocol (obd2ecu) specially designed for connecting up a HUD. This takes the data OVMS already has from the car and provides it in a friendly way to the OBD HUD. In my case I am taking the temperature queries from the HUD and feeding back the SoC from the car…pretty neat.
Read more about it here:

The HUD I am using is this:

UPDATE: The cable needed is now stocked by @glynhudson at:
( This will come a lot faster to the UK than the linked one from fast-tech)

You simply set it up as per the guide, you can even have it switch on/off with the car. (Note: I also have it switch off with the 12v not charging as Zombie mode override can look like the car is “on” according to OVMS)

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Inspired by @mikeRES success I’ve managed to obtain UK stock of OVMS > HUD cables to sell via OpenEnergyMonitor:

It’s really cool that a HUD can easily work with OVMS, I’ve ordered the HUD Mike used to testing myself :smiley:

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For anyone who wants it here is my obd2ecu mapping:

OVMS# obdii ecu list 
  PID             Type        Value    Metric
0   (0x00)       internal     0.000000 
4   (0x04)       internal    79.564949 v.b.soc
5   (0x05)         metric    79.564949 v.b.soc
12  (0x0c)         metric     0.000000 v.m.rpm
13  (0x0d)         metric     0.000000 v.p.speed
16  (0x10)       internal    12.560000 v.b.12v.voltage
32  (0x20)       internal     0.000000 
64  (0x40)  unimplemented     0.000000 

A few issues still exist with this setup which dont bother me much but would be nice to fix (if you manage it let me know what the script is):

  1. motor speed comes up as 9999 causes warning flash
  2. reversing causing speed to go to 163 (uint overflow)

Thanks @glynhudson for stocking these, that will be a lot quicker to get than the one i ordered (took over a month).

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