Interesting devices to give users remote control

Here’s an device that, with the correct software, would provide the kind of connectivity any app would need

This is the one that @mikeRES is working with

Yes, the full ovms kit seems to the the comprehensive tool needed to reverse engineer the car’s internal comms systems. Once that’s done then a simpler low spec unit like the one I listed could connect to a cloud service to provide the back-end of an app.

The OVMS kit is not what I am using for reverse engineering (I’m actually using an IntrepidCS device now that I borrowed from work). It is lower in spec than that one posted…do you happen to have a price?

The OVMS device is based on an ESP32 processor which is closer to an automotive ECU. The iWave device appears to be an ARM processor which is more like a raspberry pi.

I have formally contacted iWave asking to try and buy a small number of devices for testing, with the hope that we could place a larger order of 100 in due course, with a potential market of 1000’s because of the numbers of cars sold without telematics in Europe.

@mikeRES I will let you know what price they quote. In my experience these things might be crazy expensive or surprisingly cheap with no middle ground. I would reckon if we could buy them for under £50 and set up a basic online service with a small monthly subscription of a couple of quid, people would be interested.

@mikeRES they asked some questions which I can’t answer, please can you advise:

  • Interface to the Vehicle
    • The CAN interfaces required to connect to your vehicle
      • HS CAN / CAN FD ?
  • Protocol Support
    • Do you need Raw CAN Data from our unit?
    • Any protocol support required on the device : ISO 15765 / J1939?

HS CAN only, potentially 2 interfaces preferred (not sure yet if the OBD can remain responsive in charge sessions).

ISO 15765 (i.e multi frame support) may be needed…but that would be in the software we write…or are they suggesting internal support and we just get the data out?