Introductions...Hello Everyone!

Hello everyone and welcome to the “my MGZSEV” community.

I thought we could use it to discuss, and interact with new ideas and modifications we make to our cars. Primarily I thought it would be a good place to come together and work on the process of hacking and reverse engineering vehicle features.

Please reply on this topic to introduce yourselves so we all get to know each other, our interesting backgrounds and skills and what we want to do with our cars.

And I’ll go first…Hi I’m Mike and I have been interested in hacking and understanding data sent around cars since I first worked on a Nissan Leaf in 2014.

I am fascinated in electric cars, and new things we can do with their batteries. I setup RES Ltd. to help study it and collect my findings. See more here:

I ordered my MGZSEV in Mid August once I found out the offer had been extended to 2000 cars ( I thought I’d missed the boat honestly). Since then it has been a whirlwind of work with James to start getting data off the car and reverse engineering it.

I cant wait to really get stuck into reverse engineering and adding features to this brilliant car…with a few strange quirks!



I am also Mike. I first came across EV’s quite late, in 2014, when a friend recommended I try one so was looking for a cheap to run car as my daily driver was a heavily m modified Land Rover Freelander 1 Td4 auto. I had a 3 day test drive and was hooked. I had to have one. I had Leaf 24 which I bought second hand at a year old in January 2015. I sold my Freelander in the June 2015, having driven around 20 miles since buying the Leaf. I changed to the Leaf 40 in March 2018 as I needed the extra range. I cannot think of a reason to go back to a fossil fuelled car now. I’m a mechanical engineer by training working in the Insurance industry now on buildings. I have no hacking skills. I just love all things EV. I collect my ZS EV on 23/11/19.

I would say even 2018 for coming to EVs is early! A delivery date so soon…I am jealous…mine is still unknown. Welcome to the community and I hope we make a hacker of you with some training :smiley:

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Sounds good!

I have been ice free since selling my Freelander in 2015, and have now driven about 68,000 electric miles.

Hi guys I’m Tyron happy to find out what can be done on the MG i know nothing about hacking or Evs really as this will be my first one and hoping to collect next month.

I’m not Mike :slight_smile: I’m Paul. Reserved an MG ZS EV last month with an expected delivery of March(ish). More than a bit concerned about this whole charging/waking issue which will probably be a deal breaker for me if it’s not sorted.

I’m not a Mike either but a Garry. As well as not being a Mike I’m not a ZS EV owner either although a close friend hopefully will be. As Mike knows I’m an I-Pace Owner and indeed run the iPaceOwner YouTube channel but I did also write the MG ZS EV review in FascinatingTech magazine and was pseudo Kate for James’s initial ride in the MG at the press launch.

I’m probably not going to be too helpful on the automotive side of things - although one of the first things I did on my test drive was plug in an obd dongle - but I do know a fair bit about software

I’m Alan. Usually work on planes. Have a reservation for a ZSEV. I manage aircraft modifications. This could be interesting.

Biggest issue I see so far is that EV is so close to ICE version in its architecture. Not much extra has been done to enhance EV features.

For example:
The AC charging when locked only seems to be because the type 2 socket got linked to the central locking… rather than adding more equipment to the car to make it independent.

Hello I am Casper (from the Netherlands) and I will collecting the MG within a month. I am very interested in hacking the notification noices and “bongs”. I managed to do this by mine Prius + too. I will let you know

Welcome @Tyronr @NeathJack @GarryJW @alangeering and @Casper hope this community is useful to you all

Hello all just visiting for now will post something when the hangover is gone and the 20 work minimum words is done

Oh and it’s jeff rix from the Facebook forum

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Hi I’m Ash

I run Hamble Garage Ltd (Hamble Hybrid & Electric) in Southampton,

I have been interested in Ev,s for a long time but the MG will be my first fully electric car!

Placed my order for a black pearl exclusive at the beginning of October with Richmond Southampton an expected delivery date of the end of March, can’t wait!!

Hey guys. I’m Iain. We’ve had a Zoe as a 2nd car for almost 2 years and have are finally making the leap to becoming ice free having ordered an mg. can’t wait for it to arrive (probably around March ish). Am very interested in what you guys can come up with especially around charging timings etc as we have solar, battery storage and use octopus go atm to run our house/car needs from the 00.30-04.30 cheap window. Thanks for your efforts. Much appreciated.

Hi my name is jack, ordered the MG in October told delivery Feb 20. I am also concerned about off peak charging and would like to hear about possible fixes. But please keep it simple for a OAP to understand.

Hi @Sparky hope the hangover has eased off…or you managed to find the hair of the dog haha!
Welcome also to @Ashhodges, are you running a service or retail garage?
@Eeejit and @Jackslade hello to you both, the smart charging issue will be fixed, and I think the solution will be quite simple :slightly_smiling_face:

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