Is there any way to know if my battery has not decayed

I am not sure but i have driven my mgzsev only for 13k KM. But when i tried to do full charge, i could only charge to 39kw. I am not sure if that is how BMS works on external chargers or my battery has decayed… is there any way i could understand my battery pack and BMS software better…


Hi Harsha, a good start might be this thread: R40 BMS Update (range and balancing issues)

Hi @Harsha you can see your battery State of Health (SOH) in OVMS. Mine is over 98% after 14 months & 14,000 miles.

Hi @Mike, thanks for stepping in! Can you maybe post a few screenshots of how this will look like in OVMS? I wonder if this is simple enough to use… If there a simple guide on how to get started with OVMS for MG? I read it is not fully supported…

And another question, related to balancing, apologies in advance if stuped: if the balancing of off like mine (434V) will OVMS report a poor SOH for the battery?

Hmmm. Setting up was a challenge for me, as my unit kept crashing. They it finally worked for no reason!

Depends if you are going to use iOS or Android.

I use iOS. I had to register on open

Android users trend to use Dexters. There is a useful set up guide on open vehicles website that I used. I had to register several places which I don’t remember and eventually download the OVMS.bin that @mikeRES has put up here. It is the only one with support for the MG.

It doesn’t appear to report a poor SOH according to other users d we ho have equally poor voltages.

Am running a Dexter’s account on iOS so all ok.

Thanks Mike, can you pls help me through the installation procedure.


@Harsha try this thread “OVMS Starter Guide for MG ZS EV”.


Hi @Harsha. I second what @Mike said about checking the State of Health, although instead of an OVMS unit, a basic OBD-II bluetooth adapter for less than ten bucks and a copy of Torque Pro can give you the same info for a fair bit less money. (Although you wont have the option to remotely manage or monitor anything over the internet).