Issues with Car not Waking to Charge

So it seems clear the current MG software has a bug, and quite a serious one! Simply put, the charger will not actively wake the car if power is supplied this means the following:

  1. User plugs car into smart charger
  2. Charger is off (peak time) so the car goes to sleep as no power is detected
  3. Smart charger powers on (off peak time)
  4. Car is still asleep and remains asleep
  5. User comes to car in the morning and it hasnt charged…grumpy user!

That’s not good and seems like a big oversight from MG. Has this affected you, and would you like to see if it can be fixed by something like OVMS?

UPDATE: The same issue also affects interrupted charges, such as power drop outs. The Car is unable to resume charge without disconnecting/reconnecting the leads.

UPDATE 2: It appears MG/SAIC has released a fix (in record time) see Issues with Car not Waking to Charge


Yes this is a major issue which needs a mg fix or recall of all cars.
Unless something can be done easier.


This hasn’t yet affected me s as I haven’t yet collected my car, but I can see it being a huge issue as I’m about to move over to Octopus Agile and use an Ohme cable/wall box.


And I’m the same, moved over to cheaper electric company with a Ohme charger for this reason.

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It is an issue for me too, my ohme cable is sitting nicely in its bag…so it’ll be high on my priority list


Yep I posted my bit on FB so keen to get this sorted out.

I agree about the seriousness of this issue - I have been sold on low running costs of this car and 90% of my charging will be done at home. To be forced to have more than double the cost of charging because of poor design is simply not acceptable. I have budgeted running costs on 5p per kWh (Octopus) but my already decent current tariff is 12.8p per kWh. Way more than twice the cost per mile! What are we going to do about this? How do we get the ear of Daniel Gregorious?

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And the Facebook forum is now on fire

The car not waking up when charge is scheduled will be a major problem for me. My new MG ZS EV is due to arrive in the new year, and I’ve just arranged for a full Zappi installation to handle home generates power usage including water heating, car charging and more. It sounds like the £1.5k bill for Zappi install will be wasted investment. May need to cancel order which will be a shame.

Everyone keep calm…we will fix it with OVMS :):smiley:

I thought I would explain why I am not too concerned about this issue. So the car going to sleep means the CAN bus will no longer be sending any messages and all the ECUs connected will also go into a low power state. This is great for reducing 12V power use, but not so good for starting a charge session. Now what “should” happen is that the ECU that connects to the charging socket should detect the plug is connected and now powered, send some CAN messages and wake up the CAN bus so that the other ECUs needed to charge the car wake up (e.g the Battery Controller).

Now SAIC clearly have messed up here in that the charger doesnt do this and cannot be woken by power being switched on, but it must be awake when the CAN bus is active. So all we need to do is spoof the mesage it needs in OVMS (or something else) and it’ll keep the ECUs awake.We may only need to send any message on the bus to trigger it to wake, check the power is connected and start the charge…simples!

Anyway, I wouldnt cancel an order just get, give us and MG a chance to fix it…the car is still £10k cheaper than anything else comparible…it just might cost a few more quid in charging until my car arrives and we can develop a fix for it.


Agree with you!small issue and maybe easily fixable no need the fuss.

My current tariff with octopus is just offer 15p/kWh, so not being able to charge off the GO tariff would triple my costs. Also, I intend to be able to charge off solar at weekends.
If this issue isn’t resolved or a work-around found by February, I might reconsider my order.

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The bit concerning DG has been done

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I borrowed @James car this morning and did some digging. The car does wake to start a charge BUT doesn’t appear to wake all the ECUs it needs. This means it is very likely to be a software bug that MG will fix quickly. We shouldn’t need OVMS to solve this quirk and I would expect a pretty quick fix from MG.


Thanks mike and James for your efforts will watch with bated breath what Mg does next

With all the delays and the work that MG are reportedly altering things when cars come into the country is it removing something that won’t work in this country (over air module) hence the issue ?

And james Do you have a none smart charger box and the ohme cable does the work
The post on fb forum mentions the Rolec box so if he has a rolec box with a ohme cable plugged in are they not confused trying to send the same signal out?

Massive thanks to Mike and James for your work ,on everyone’s behalf .I really hope MG step up and fix this and your work looks like a recall and another software update will be needed , ( did the last one corrupt any code or remove it) if so may be easier fix.
The value of OTAUD can really be seem here , we will stall our orders until there is a permanent resolution, as E7 was part of the budget planning.!

Great work again ,


Hopefully SAIC are now working on this, perhaps even China

Thanks Mike & James, lets hope MG sort this quickly now and everyone else calms down a bit!

Hi @FABand @MikeJ, welcome to the forum.

Logs are now uploaded at:

Now to go through them :thinking:

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