Keeping the OBD awake

It is possible to keep the OBD port awake by sending the following:
ID: 0x710
DLC: 8
Payload (hex): 02 3E 00 00 00 00 00 00

This is telling the GWM that there is a tester present.

Note: Caution this will cause all ECUs to remain active on the vehicle and cause excessive drain to the 12V battery.

Note 2: It also seems to overcome the issue that causes the alarm to set off if the BCM is queried. If you send this the alarm seems to be disabled for network queries (still works for other activities).

Note 3: The car will resume sleep after 40s, so send this message every 5s or so. It will also not wake up the car properly if it has fallen asleep, so you need to send this before the car sleeps to keep the GWM active.

Hi Mike,

After sending this Payload, can you send stream for turn on the car and set on the AC?


@tbuaron Welcome to the group :grinning:. That would be the plan…I can get as far as running the blowers but no AC/Heating yet. It is limited by what we can control, monitor the packets, and copy into our own hardware. For remote climate control we would really need to either get hold of data from a car with it fitted or get hold of the official telematics unit itself…or find some other knowledge somewhere.

Hi Mike,

I recently got the latest BMS software update for the MG ZS EV.
Now the car remais awake, I can even charge the car with a granny or wallbox without having to lock the car.

So based on that I assume that with the latest BMS update more ECU’s remain active/awake.

I have an ELM327 bluetooth dongle connected to the OBD2. Perhaps I can help out by retrive more information from the OBD.

Can you recommend which app I can use to read out the data via the ELM327?


Hi, They don’t stay awake, they are simply woken when the Control Pilot is sent to the charge port. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to wake up the GWM yet and instead puts it into a “Zombie” mode. Mike is looking into how to get it out of this mode and actually talking.