Merge with MGEVs

Hello everyone.

Thank you so much for supporting this group. It has been quite helpful as a way to share information and get reverse engineering and OVMS development off the ground.

@Mike and I have been discussing where we go with this group as as the Slack group does such a brilliant job of supporting development, this discourse can get a little forgotton.

A large community has built up over at and (working with Stuart and @Mike ) I would like therefore to close this forum and migrate any data we want to keep over. This new forum will serve a much larger audience as well as providing all the features we have used here on the discourse. I know it would also serve as a good place to provide front-line support to new users of OVMS and get them started.
The forum space we have is here:

I would therefore really appreciate if everyone using this site can help us move over:

  • Please Tag (reply " This should be migrated to MGEVs" or similar) on any topics you think would be useful to keep, and I will try to copy the information over.
  • Please do not start any new topics here
  • Please setup an account with MGEVs and continue conversations over there

I will begin the process of closing this site down over the next few months. I will backup the content to my home network and plan to stop the hosting service after June 2021.

From then on I will forward the domain until renewal to MGEVs.


I think it makes sense to try and focus attention in one place and migrate the data.
The facebook page for MG electric owners club is great for chat, but facebook is terrible for storing and retrieving information of long term value.

I’ve just created an account on the new forum. The forum platform software is not great compared to discourse! The activation email went to spam and the forum is not nearly as nice to use. Maybe I’m just not as familiar with it. Could you push for a dedicated OVMS forum sub-section? It’s quite confusing having different apps being discussed in one place.

Agree, FB is good for short comments but is terrible at data retention and searchability.

Where would a user go to find info on current build status? I was just looking for the status of MG5 support? This forum was my go-to for info like that.

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Thanks @MikeRES for all you’ve done for the community and keeping this going. A little sad to see the dedicated forum go, Discourse has a far better UX and more intuitive, especially for technical subjects. I can write in markdown, its got better handling & preview of links.

I love the mgevs forum Stuart has built, but there just isn’t the same functionality. Search doesn’t seem to work as good as here. For example, search for the word ‘PID’ or ‘ECU’ and you’ll get no results in the mgevs forum but you’ll get results here. Perhaps they can look at fixing that before we pull the trigger?

Edit: Get the right Mike!

I would like to take credit, but it is @mikeRES you need to thank… not me :rofl:

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oh no! And before I started the post, I said I should make sure I get the right Mike haha.
Should take the opportunity to say I appreciate all your work and youtube videos too @Mike. Very helpful for making my purchasing decision and still inspiring me to keep modding my MG