MG ZS Autonomy Calculation

Hi guys, does anyone know for sure how MG calculates values for autonomy?

Sub questions: does it take into account ambient temperature? Usage of the internal heater? usage of the battery cooler\heater? AiroCo?

I am concerned with the accuracy of these estimates, wanted to ask from the first week I bought MG ZS in 2020. Initially, the range estimation seemed kind of static whatever you do (how you drive and what you use) did not matter, the car would almost always show around 250 km in eco mode after every charge.

Now with imbalanicng issues, it definitely shows wrong estimates (today got 285 km) which we all know cannot be true…

If anyone knows, please share here what makes MG to estimate the range and whether you guys have accurate estimates.

Thanks everyone in advance.

MG do not calculate their own figures, this is done in accordance with WLTP testing which is a rolling road test with an ambient around 18-20C I believe. So it is not realistic in usual scenarios. No wind resistance, temperature effects, road water clearing etc. The US EPA rating is more realistic. The 160 miles WLTP is more like 145 miles on a hot slow drive and 120 on a cold fast one.

I get about 2.8 - 3.0 miles per kWh winter and 3.2 - 3.8 summer. That’s about 120 to 150 miles.

Sorry you are speaking of the GOM … that is an estimate based on your driving history and local temperature. Check your trip meter for km / kwh and estimate by 40 kWh battery available.

GOM…Guess 'O Meter
That’s why🤣

Below is what I do using the outside temperature in Home Assistant. It gives me a worst case scenario which seems more accurate compared to the car.

var RangeAt23 = 266; //values from Bjørn Nyland
var RangeAt_10 = 219; //values from Bjørn Nyland
var dTemp = 23-(-3); //values from Bjørn Nyland (tested to -3)
var dRange = RangeAt23 - RangeAt_10;
range = range - ((23-outsideTemp)*(dRange/dTemp));

Note that original car data is at -10C but Bjorn has data for - 3C so compensated for the - 3C