MGEV vehicle type missing from OVMS Setup wizard

Going thru the setup wizard. Step 4 / 5 gets you to pick the vehicle type. MGEV vehicle type isnt in the list.
Wondering what should we pick instead?


Noting I did a firmware update but looks like I got to 2nd of Sept version.

Running partition: ota_0
Boot partition: ota_0
Factory image: 3.2.013
OTA_O image: 3.2.015```

Noticed that the MG EV discussion thread on openvehicles github said support was added Dec 2nd.
Also looking at the openvehicles forum threads, people mentioned an edge build so I'll try that

Ended up downloading the edge update.

Finding it wasn’t immediately clear but this URL had it

Then realised that Firmware config in the web ui lets you pick the channel :sweat_smile:

Hi @kostasoul, welcome to the group. Sorry we didnt manage to help you before you fixed it yourself. Is it all working now?

All good @mikeRES.

Found a post in the forums from another Aussie trying to get OVMS working, and in listing their troubleshooting steps, was able to give me a picture of what I was supposed to do. (edge firmware and settings). Have it sending data to the cloud and the app consuming it happily :slight_smile:

A few things I’ve observed about 12v battery use and a couple of other things but I’ll start separate threads for them

@kostasoul just had OVMS delivered yesterday and on initial play noticed lack of MG ZS EV on the Vehicle config list too…need to sort this tday…any directions from MG OVMS fellow user?

Hi @R08

Here was the thread I found which gave me some pointers.

I’ve posted a link in that thread to where I downloaded the updated firmware from and put on SD card, but you later learnt you wont even have to do that.

You can have OVMS install the firmware from the ‘edge’ channel without downloading to SD card directly. You have to pass the initial setup wizard to get to the screen to change this setting though.

In the initial setup wizard, get through the steps (select ‘–’ as the Vehicle, skip the remaining steps)

Get to the Config settings for the firmware.

Then you’ll see about 3/4 way down the option for the ‘channel’ (I think the options are main/eap/edge)

Change to edge, then save

Then go to the Flash from Web tab and kick off another firmware update. This should download a more recent build than the one that came with your device.

Then factory reset your OVMS device with one of the methods here:

You’ll get back to the initial setup wizard where you can set things up properly with MG as an option in the list.

It’ll configure OVMSv2 protocol and register the MG Vehicle Module.

That should hopefully get you going

NB: I found I had to do the factory reset since although I could setup OVMSv2 and the registration with, something else wasn’t quite right.

Thanks for info @kostasoul I found same thread and there was a mention of beta/edge firmware needed which I did yesterday, I have all set on desk, app connects to servers, so fingers crossed on car data when its connected. Thx again.

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This week I learnt that there are some firmware builds in this very forum that have updates not in the edge line yet which may be preferable.

Thanks for publishing this info. Saved me a lot of time and effort earlier today.