Currently the goal I am looking to achieve is the integration of OVMS (https://www.openvehicles.com/) into the MG to enable the basic functionality we come to expect from an EV such as:

  • Pre-Heat/Pre-cool
  • Remote SoC/Battery%/Range Query
  • Remote Charge Start
  • Notification of charge stop

OVMS is ideal for this purpose, and although it might seem expensive compared to an OBD dongle and LeafSpy…it is still a lot cheaper than buying a Tesla Model 3!


Mg instead of giving big discounts should have included this in the car and charging timers


I am assuming that OVMS will be much more reliable than for example Nissan’s app, which is slow if it works at all, as it uses 3G & WiFi.

@Stumgzs I kind of get the feeling they planned to do it but got caught up in some legislative issue with the telematics unit they had so they decided to skip it…but we will probably never know.
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You mentioned a breakout cable elsewhere. Will that work with OVMS, or will we need to hook up some sort of PC/Mac?

Plan is to breakout for OVMS and for standard CAN interfaces. They follow a partially compatible pin configuration but it is easy enough to have multiple D-Sub 9 connectors.

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MG ZS EV build As per http://bit.ly/2KGcWt9