OVMS mobile app MGZSEV graphics (photoshop skills requested?)

I’ve created a PR on the OVMS Android app repo to add the MGZSEV graphics:

I’ll get the same graphics added to the iOS app

Here are a couple of screenshots with demo data

Short video demo:

I’ve added all 5 colours for the main car image:

car_mgzs_black car_mgzs_white car_mgzs_lightblue car_mgzs_blue car_mgzs_red

However, I could only find a top down graphic for the ‘Car’ screen (see above) in Light Blue colour. I’m afraid my photoshop skills are not that good to recolour this. Does anyone have the skills to create top-down images for the other four colours? For the moment the app will use the same light blue top down image for all version of the MG.


Should I use the attached graphic? Or do you have a higher res version?
I can jump on and give it a go shortly if you like.

Edit, See below:

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This seems more Grey than black because I didn’t want the black of the car to be blacker than the black of the interior if that makes sense…? As the black of the interior is what ‘Black’ should be…?

I’ve done the white one too, but the forum rules wont let me upload more than 1 item per post…
Or post more than 3 times in a row…
If someone posts anything after this message I’m guessing I can then add the white one…?

Wow, fantastic! That was super quick :+1:

Thanks a lot, I’ll get them added into the app. They can always be tweaked in the future if necessary.

Also, the background of the OVMS android app is black (see above screenshot) so a slightly off-back colour would be good.

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Here is the White.

Another guy has also done some on the Facebook post in case you want to have a check on there too.


I’ve updated my PR to include your new graphics. I think they look great. Hopefully this will get merged into the app soon so you will be able to download and see the graphics in the app yourself. Thanks for your help :+1:

Note: the data shown in the screenshots is just dummy demo data. The actual data from the MG will be different and not all metrics may be present to start with.


Awesome! Glad they worked out for you!

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Pull request has been created to add the graphics to the OVMS iOS app:

wow… things are moving fast now. Great work!

I do wonder how often the IOS app is being built/submitted to Apple.
The latest version (1.8.2) in the app store is 7 months old.

That’s because there have not been many contributions / changes to the app. I’m in communication with the developer who manages the releases. Once it’s ready I’ll prompt him to push a build to the iOS store.

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ZS is now available in the Android app.
Update has just appeared.

So is is now time to think about ordering the OVMS device for my ZS? I’m on iOS.

I’ve ordered a right hand cable & GSM & GPS unit you run with my iPhone.