OVMS & Ohme app

I use an Ohme cable at the moment and their app which works very well, but I was wondering if the two could talk to each other? It would be great if the Ohme app knew the SoC (from OVMS) and I just then told the Ohme app what percentage I wanted the car charged to. Like it does with a Nissan Leaf.

This is a big thing for users of both MG and Ohme, does anyone have any contact details for Ohme Technical team? I have an Ohme cable and know most of the back-end of OVMS, the queries needed must be easy compared to any manufacturer/OEM API, and i would be happy to help them.

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Hi Michael,

I emailed Ohme and this was their reply. It might help if you contacted them too.

Hi Michael

Thank you very much for your message.

I will forward this on to our App Development Team to review.

Seems very exciting as I know that currently MG offer no API for battery state of charge!

Any further queries, please do let me know.

Kind regards


Ther is a chap on the Octopus Agile chat Facebook page called Daniel Vocke. Daniel did the magic for us early on to get Ohme working with delayed charging with a few of us running Beta patches to go from trickle to full capability. Top bloke imho. Throw him a DM and I’m sure he will be on it - he is currently sorting Tesla issues with Agile from my reading.

Many of us MG ZS EV owners use Ohme cables, as they were the first to put in the engineering effort to get scheduled charging working properly. So getting OVMS in the MG talking to Ohme would help a lot of people, I think!

The API for Europe OVMS v2 server is very easy to poll and pull the SoC data from (literally one https query). OVMS v3 which uses MQTT is equally trivial.

I have attempted to reach out to Daniel Vocke (CTO of Ohme?) on LinkedIn, if @Mark is still in touch with him can you send me details or invite to connect (on Facebook or anything else)?

I am very up for explaining the API query needed, I just need to get in touch with the right people at Ohme. As I also have a cable I could also help test, so please share my details if you get to the right team.

I’ll do my best but he didn’t respond to my last message, but the team did.
He is on the Ohme Facebook page if you follow that.