OVMS on MG quirks

Hi team,

I have setup my OVMS on my MG ZS EV, version: 3.2.015-122-g5a31ab79/ota_1/main (build idf v3.3.2-881-g22d636b7b Sep 29 2020 07:07:26)

Since plugging OVMS in - it’s awesome I get all the stats etc., however started noticing some weird behaviour…

  1. Occasionally (1 in 5 times or so) charging cable will not be released when the car is unlocked. Lock/unlock several times usually sorts it, however not always. Waht seems to do the trick are two other options: turn off power supply to the connected cable (may be coincidental as once the car has been unlocked it’s no longer charging), or get in the car, press start to turn on and that seems to trigger cable unlock. I first thought it was MG issue, almost got to a point of ringing them, but then:

  2. Once - I unlock the car, cable stuck, lock/unlock several times, nothing. Turn off charger power - nothing, get in the car, press start and all I get is one of green lights on start button, dark gray screen on the audio and dash, no power to 12v socket (dashcam makes a noise when it’s on), no power to USB sockets, cable still locked. Sits like that for about 10 seconds, I think uh oh… however as soon as I unplug OBD cable with OVMS - everything springs into life - cable unlock, music plays, dashcam turns on etc. Very weird… Feels like something was forced asleep and nothing woke it up.

  3. Wife reported she has seen Motor failure pop up in large letters across the dash for a few seconds when the cable was not released and she’s gone to turn on ignition, that though disappeared a few seconds later, cable got released and she was off.

Anyone else experienced anything along those lines? Starting to doubt whether having it plugged in is a good idea atm as wife is mostly driving it and it’s ok when it happens at home - I can quickly pop away from my conf call and help her out, it would be different somewhere in town or worse further away.

I also noticed that both trip meters always reset, I believe this is a known version though. Would be nice if they didn’t :slight_smile:

In fact, just remembered I was going to share my experience of integrating with Home Assistant. I have setup MQTT to report directly to my Home Assistant and am successfully picking up all the values I want, which then enables me to ensure the car will only charge up to 85% unless I want a full charge through an override, based on available solar, schedule etc. A couple of screenshots:

These are customizable and obviously draw the historical graphs etc. I have created some NodeRed flows to ensure it keeps an eye on the level of 12v battery, measures overall usage of the house and turns off should the house be using over 10Kwh for more than 5 minutes to stop my wires from catching fire or breakers exploding :slight_smile: also managing charging priorities between MG and PHEV:

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Some really cool work there @auris, I’ll be intrigued to see how you get on. I recently swapped back to server V2 and made a node red integration to poll the Dexter’s server as the OVMS seemed to struggle a but running both V2 and V3.

Regards to the unlock issue and motor fault display. It is due to a session control override we have had to do to wake up the Gateway. I am looking at alternatives and state controls so users should not notice which I hope Chris can help me implement.

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I have not even tried v2, MQTT suits me very well. Not really bothered about amount of data that it sends, the sim i put in there has 2Gb monthly allowance on it, just checked my O2 thing, I have used 11.5Mb of 2Gb allowance on the card in approx 2 weeks of usage, and that includes GPS co-ordinates and obviously all the rest of telemetry. I have to make it clear though, that when the car is parked in the drive - it is connected to my home Wifi, so no 3g data there and it does at least 60 miles each day on 3g. I think it’s absolutely fine. I had to fiddle a bit with the frequency of updates as initially it was only sending MQTT every 5 minutes or so. It’s now every 10 seconds when live and 2 minutes standstill. I do see a downwards trend in 12 v battery voltage when not charging, however minor:

I have addressed this with triggering auto charge for 30 minutes via a smart controlled granny charger when it falls below 12v for 5 minutes, but what about if it is not plugged in - I.e. not at home… Something to think about…