OVMS Starter Guide for MG ZS EV

Hi guys, would someone be keen to create a starter guide (in this topic) for an average person with some engineering skills?

What I mean is a single place with all instructions and helpful links on how to make OVMS work on MG SZ EV, assuming a person did not even buy the hardware yet and has no idea where to start.

Anyone? Please. Thanks in advance for efforts!

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Try this resource for starters

Once the unit has updated itself to the latest firmware, you then need to download the OVMS.bin file @mikeRES has uploaded on this website.


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I think I originally just set up as an obd11 vehicle until I was able to download the bleeding edge OVMS.bin from @mikeRES

I followed the guide and this video: https://youtu.be/Z9Fsbvd1Kfg

The web GUI is actually pretty good.

Thanks guys, your help is very much appreciated!

Thank you for this. I am in the same position and very curious to understand a bit more.