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Welcome new users (and old friends), I thought I would make this pinned post to introduce new users to this forum and our hacking work.

We are a group of interested engineers who want to know more about and learn to control the systems on the MG electric vehicles. Our aims are to both improve the user experience of our cars and to extend the functionality…MG ZS EV app in the UK anyone?

Currently we are working on multiple angles to pull data and control the car including:

  • OBD Polling of Vehicle States
  • Direct CAN-Bus decoding of vehicle communication
  • Hardware hacking of the car
  • Developing a telematics unit
  • Other OBD interfaces
  • …anything else cool to do :smile:

A few useful links for people to have:

Please introduce yourself in the Introductions thread,

For the Latest OVMS builds, see the OVMS Builds Thread.

And also join us on Slack for direct support and chats,

Without further ado…lets get hacking!

You can create an Organisation on GitHub and put the repo under that to allow multiple people access

Done it now, please ping me your GitHub username to enable access :grin:

What about an iOS app @mikeRES?

@Mike Unfortunately I do not own an iOS device, happy to support the development with a repository on GitHub if anyone wants me to. The work on Android was literally just forking a project that may help :grin:

I confused myself @mikeRES.

OVMS has an iOS app. That will be all I need.

I’m not a developer.

Well done on what you have achieved so far.

Please add stefan345 on github :>

Please join us on Slack too, the link is in the original post, here we can directly chat, and then when we have information feed it back to the Discourse.

I got the OVMS kit this morning in preparation. My wife’s MG ZS EV has all the current software updates, Comfort 2 the additional Rolec EVCC ECU update. I intend to fit the device this weekend.

I can’t help software programming wise, but would be happy to help if you want me to test the software.

Feel free to join our slack channel if you need the latest images.