Request For Help: Software Developers (OVMS and Mobile)

Hello everyone.

There has been some positive developments on the ability to interface with the car via the OBD port. This will probably mean we can query the car using diagnostic protocols and pull some information back out.

I am hoping to be able to say exactly what messages need to be sent (i.e. CAN ID and Payload) as well as how to interpret the messages coming back out (decode bytes to signals).

This “should” mean we can interface with almost any OBD compatible device. My first thoughts are obviously OVMS as well as Bluetooth dongles (e.g. ELM327 with Android).

I wondered if anyone here has had any experience or would like to learn more about the following?:

  • OVMS development
  • ELM327 Development/API use both Wifi and Bluetooth(BT)
  • Android App development and use of the BT interfaces
  • iOS Development and use of BT/Wifi interfaces

I know this will need to be a collective effort, and I am pretty sure we have the skills to try this out. I am hoping that I can link us all up and build a few teams/contacts up to develop this. If you have any experience or interest please can you let me know.

Thanks in advance :smile:

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No experience in those specific areas (although i have at somepoint made an IOS app - but without BT/Wifi ). But i’m sure I can learn :slight_smile:

Imho, we should consider 3 scenarios:
A. Direct OBD2 whilst car is active and driver in vicinity of car

  • Mostly for SoC/charge speed etc/climate control/other live values? (elm327 dongle via wifi or bt?)

B. OBD2 dongle whilst car is parked near house (preheat/SoC/timed charge)( Either OVMS or elm327 dongle with wifi join functionality (bt would be out of each easily))

C. Remote access whilst car is anywhere (3g/4g via OVMS)


  1. Is there an ELM327 adapter that can connect to a 3rd party network (instead of the usual hotspot functionality?) that way, it could join your local wifi network and commands could be sent remotely to the specific dongle. Useful for preheat/SoC/timed charging. Otherwise we would have to go the elm327(serial)+breakout board route
  2. do you know if the obd2 portstays active/powered while the car is left alone on a charger for a couple of hours? do we actively need to keep the car awake?

In personally look forward to the functionality of of ‘B’. The different scenarios might require different software development skillsets. I think we should determine the first target and gather the right people for that goal.

this is great news! I have an OVMS unit purchased especially for this purpose (interfacing with the MG). I can either help with testing, or send you the unit for you to test with. Please let me know how I can help?
thanks again!


I’ve got experience with C++ on embedded, although mostly on AVR, and ARM (ST). I also gave a few Android apps.

Happy to help.

I’ve got a CanZE ESP32 module.

Thanks, Chris.

I’ve got a Bluetooth obd2 adaptor and am happy to run an Android debug/logging tool to gather information if that helps, or connect my laptop which can run windows or Linux to the obd2 device.