Security on Remote Features

Someone reported in a Dutch Forum ( that the MG ZS EVs in the Netherlands are equipped with the following XBOX module. Apparently this is used in SOS situations so emergency services are automatically informed and dispatched.

It might well be that this xbox can also be used for car telemetry and possibly for the AP and Wireless features as pointed out in the head unit software.

I do see that I have an hidden wifi network. So I will try to connect with credentials provided earlier and with the SAIC Link app for iOS.

Question, did someone put the head unit in developer mode and connect a laptop with a usb A to usb A cable to the Apple carplay/Android auto port yet? I would expect control via ADB and gain ROOT access should be simple.

Any further investigation ideas and results about the radio/head unit software can be shared in this new topic:

You are currently reading about Security on Remote Features, a topic in which we discuss methods on how to talk to the ECU using OVMS to hopefully find a way to for example enable the heater remotely.

@mikeRES. Just a wild thought. Since the head unit can operate the climate controller in the car would it make sense that the CAN commands and security keys can be extracted from the head unit software?

Link to the head unit software:

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