Service Announcements

Hi everyone, thanks for sitting out the few hours of downtime we had today when the server changed its IP address (joys of running a server at home…should now not reoccur :crossed_fingers:)

I wanted to start this topic so you can discuss things that may not be quite right in the way the discourse forum is running…if you think the permissions are restricting…if links are broken…things like that. I am quite new to this so have left most things at default which may not be right for us?

Also if you see the forum is down tweet me at or on Facebook and ill try to get on it (but bear in mind I might be at work so will have to sort it later).

Finally if anyone would like to help me run it, I would be more than happy to promote a few mods who can keep things running smoothly.

Many thanks again for your support,


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Today there was further outage due to some issue with the Domain registration…I must have missed a click on the registration step causing 123reg to block it :bowing_man:. Anyway in order to improve the service and get better uptime I have now moved it all over to a DigitalOcean server and paid in advance for 6 months… hopefully in this time we can work out how to make the forum cost neutral (donations or ads probably). Thanks for bearing with me…first time server admin at work :grinning:.