State of Charge Battery Percent on CAN

The State of Charge signal has now been confirmed by James to be correct. It is found at 0x3AC and is contained in bytes 2 and 3 (GREEN).


It is stored as a unsigned integer of 16 bits with no scale factor or offset.

Was this useful to you? Have you used it? If so please post back on this topic to let us know :slight_smile:


Great news. Can we include in OVMS build, please?

I haven’t yet worked out how to do it, but when I do, there will be a build :upside_down_face:


Just to confirm that the can bus on the 40 pin connector is only active on charging? I’m looking at wiring a bluetooth dongle onto it and then on my charger end a small arduino board to read the charge state so it can switch off the charge at a given %age. That way I can just plug it in every night and it only tops up to 80% during the cheap rate unless I override it.

Do you know if any of the supply pins on that connector are switched so only active on charging so I can minimise the power drain?

It’s quite irritating not having the car to play with yet - It’s due in March but I’m keen to get started…

The “red” CAN is the only one that is active when charging, it is also active when the car is on.

I haven’t had enough time to check the 12v lines or the ground connections in different states. I wouldn’t expect any to only power up during charge but you never know :man_shrugging:.

An ESP32 or similar is very low current, it will not drain the 12v significantly. OVMS is fine on the Leaf being permanent powered and the leaf has notoriously bad 12V management.