USB port near rear view mirror/forward facing camera

Ok it’s not an OVMS topic, but it is a hack I’m interested in.

I’ve been toying with the idea of installing a USB port up at the rear view mirror/forward facing camera unit to allow me to plug in my dashcam. I’ve been advised that the facelift ZS ICE has this built into the unit (why they didn’t do it on the ZS EV I’ve no idea) and it would be great to have power up there for dashcam etc.

I’m hoping to use something like this from Amazon Ytesky 12V to 5V 3A Dual USB Power Supply Inventor Buck Converter Step Down Module Transformer Adapter: DIY & Tools and hook it into the existing wiring.

Anyone know of a reason that this wouldn’t work or wouldn’t be advisable?

PS - I am aware of hardwiring kits going down the side pillar to the fuse box, just think this is an interesting idea

The light control panel (map lights) drops out very easily and has a 12V power feed. Might be worth a look at as it has semi-permenant power (extended ignition). You could also do it in such a way that only the light fitting is spliced into in case you wanted to reverse the modification later.

Mike, thanks for this. What do you mean “semi permanent power”?

I was hoping to have it only draw power when ignition was on to minimise any residual drain on the 12v battery

Look at when the interior lights come on and off. They are on what is sometimes referred to as extended ignition as they stay on for a bit after the car is off and come on when you unlock.

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Thanks Mike, I’ve seen a video about how to open the light cover and will give it a go :grin:

Sounds really interesting - keep us posted of your progress! :grin: