Weekly Update on OVMS

Hello everyone, I thought it might be useful to pin a post on what is happening on OVMS development this week, and what new features we have managed to squeeze out of it.

If you want to join us and get the latest builds post a message in the #ovms channel on our slack group

As of today we have the following:

  • Data pulled from the car whilst driving
  • Data pulled from the car whilst charging (if the car was awake or unlocked when the charge starts)
  • Data pulled from car when it is awake
  • Wake the car when unlocked to pull data
  • Correct Images on Android App

We also are working on the following

  • Waking when locked by sending a session control to the GWM (it works and collects data but causes an error state on the cluster “motor fault” whist the car is being kept awake)
  • Any sort of Air Con/Heating control when car is off
  • Correct images on iOS app

The summary in the OVMS documentation is here


Steady progress this week on working out how to wake the car through the GWM. We have found a way to hide the motor fault display, but this causes trip info to be reset.

Added the ability to put Max/Min cell voltages and temperatures from each of the modules of the battery pack (there are 9 “CMU” modules in the ZS EV pack).

Debug work on ironing out minor niggles with data pulling, reading vehicle states and avoiding setting off the alarm (the BCM is a sensitive sod).

Still no remote AC/Heating, we could really do with an OBD and/or CAN log from an Asian spec car to get this. Can anyone help?

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Lets try to ask Bjorn Nyland, he has a ZS EV in Thailand.
Hopefully he wants to help us :slight_smile:

Do we still need this? There are a few new members on the Facebook group from Thailand. Should someone reach out to them and see if anyone can help?

Sorry for the belated weekly update. Not much progress this week, @chris car has been in for battery investigation and we have all been busy. Currently the OVMS firmware for the MG is causing some quirks around spurious car wake up and the session override can lock in the charge lead. Still looking to find a better way to wake up the car.

@Fremske and @taylormadearmy yes we definitely would find log files from a Thai/Indian spec car greatly useful. If anyone can get in touch with someone who could help I would be more than happy to guide them through log collection and I am sure we could organise a whip-round to get them some hardware.

OK - have joined a couple of Thai ZS EV groups - will see if can find someone to help! First attempt is here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2572340166118367/permalink/3796315663720805/

I am not getting any updates once my car is plugged in and my Ohme cable has stopped the charge so I am unable to check the car in the morning to see if the battery is full.
It used to work and I was getting notifications when it stopped charging and when it started, but not any more.

I now have the latest BMS update where the car will charge without it being locked & HV fuse update.

@Mike I’ve the same and thought it was me… I don’t have the BMS update only the PEB.

I’m not sure what happened but the charging notification I only got the very first time…

I use the SmartEVSE as charger. At the moment I don’t get any updates except the 12V.

I just updated to the latest build: firmware: 3.2.015-146-g48b9b43c/ota_0/main (build idf v3.3.2-881-g22d636b7b Oct 20 2020 19:51:46)

I do see frequent events now:
ovms/event vehicle.asleep
ovms/event vehicle.awake
ovms/event vehicle.asleep
ovms/event vehicle.awake
ovms/event vehicle.asleep

Maybe we should disconnected 12V so all systems are being reset.

Yes this awake/asleep behaviour is part of the issue we are facing. There is a partial fix implemented in the latest test builds but this is not quite picking up delayed charge. Once we get that working I want to push out that version as the best we can do with the current knowledge.

Then the game is afoot to get more knowledge, particularly around how to do pre-condition and charge start/stop. We really need a Thai/Indian friend to help us