Which chargers should I prefer for long journeys?

Hopefully collecting my car this weekend. I’m now starting to plan a few long (150-170m) journeys that I’ve got over the next few weeks.

I’ve download Zap-Map, but am unsure which charging stations I should look for to minimise my stops.

Zap-Map identifies the brand and the kW of the charge points. I’m assuming that I need the 22kWh, 43kW or 50kW to get the quickest recharge?

And CCS will be quicker than Type 2?

Yes, the on-board type 2 charger is only 7kW maximum, so even if you use a 22kW or 43kW AC (type 2) charge point, you’ll still only get 7kW. CCS charge rates vary dramatically depending on batterry temperature and state-of-charge, but peak rates up to 50kW have been reported.

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As has been said , Rapid CCS is the one to use. Depending on where you are going, and how often you may find the following useful.

  1. Polar offer a subscription card free for 3 months then £7.65 thereafter , offering cheap charging (15p) nationwide at Polar and CYC pumps.
  2. Engie in the Bradford/Leeds area offer free charging til 2022. Engie account needed.
  3. CPS in Scotland still have free Rapids in some areas.
  4. Podpoint at Lidls offer cheaper charging at 25p per kWh. Podpoint app needed.
  5. Instavolt offer Rapid charging just using a contactless card at lots of places.
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On long journeys I never use ‘fast’ charging - 7kW or less, unless I’m destination charging. On the road I will always seek a 50+kW rapid charger. Don’t charge too soon, or the battery will be cold and you will get a slow rate of charge, but if you leave it too late you may not have enough to find plan b or c if plan a isn’t working.

What’s Up and Abetterrouteplanner will also help as will PlugShare. I personally always update PlugShare when I visit a charger to let others know if it is working or not. You can do that on zap-map as well.

As mentioned above, the MG’s onboard AC charger is 7kW, regardless of the speed you put into it, unless you plug into a 3kW post!


Thank you all - @Mike what’s the WattsApp thing you mention?

Is an app called Watts Up. Look on App Store. Not sure if available yet for Android.


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Podpoint at Tesco is free.

Yes, but only slower chargers, the OP was asking about ones to use on a journey.